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JT Intra Enrollment System

  • Overview
    JT Intra Main Switchboard

    JT Intra is an innovative software package designed for colleges, universities and other institutions that easily handles regular and irregular students including summer classes. It can also manage transferees, changing and dropping of subjects and/or complete changing of courses. Integrated with Account Receivable and Payment module, it automatically creates Official Transcript of Records, Statement of Accounts, balance summaries, and more. JTIntra is fully customizable with source code.

    Very beneficial for MS Access and VBA developers as this product is now available with source code at a very discounted price! Learn tips and tricks from a program that's been tested, proven and used by many firms. Available in MS Access 97, 2000, XP, 2003 and 2007 versions.

    TAKE NOTE: This product is intended for programmers. Limited support will be offered. You must have some basic knowledge (at least) of VBA and/or MS Access design and coding to optimize the customization.

  • Highlights
    • An easy, fast, and customizable program
    • Automatically sorts students according to course and with their respective instructors and print listings
    • Monitors the number of students in every subject to avoid over enrolling on a particular subject
    • Has a flexible custom setup, custom report generator, and a powerful custom search form that lets you search student records in many ways
    • Automatically produces cash reports for daily or range of date payments, statement of accounts and transcript of records very quickly
    • Generates unpaid accounts report
    • Network / Structured Query Language (SQL) Server Ready
    • With User Manual
  • Pricing

    $1000 $210 - Unlimited User Package with source code.

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  • Program Customization

    Need help on minor tweaking and customization to fit your company's needs? Want to import your existing files? We can do it for you! If interested, please read the details and pricing on this page.

  • Download

    You may get a free trial version of JT Intra Enrollment System from our downloads page. Download includes the User Manual.