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JimiTron Software has created more than two hundred different customized quality software applications for several dozens of clients. Most of these clients are repeat customers who are satisfied with our products and services. We have developed software from a simple stand-alone program to complex integrated client/server systems. Our clients include schools, restaurants, hotels, pharmacies, lending corporations, milling companies, and manufacturers to name a few.

We have made available for free some of our programs so you may try their features. To view the description, list of features and pricing of each product click the appropriate link on the right.

More MS Access Programs with Source Code!

Available for an incredibly low price!

In early 2005 we took a leap from desktop (MS Access) to web-based applications (Microsoft .NET). Since then we concentrate to developing .NET applications. In February 2007, JimiTron Software's Chief IT Consultant attained MVP (Most Valuable Programmer) status with Iron Speed Designer, the RADest among RAD, application code generator for .NET.

Making the shift and embarking the former developing tool we learned to love, wasn't very easy. For 9 years we have mastered MS Access and garnered a lot of programming techniques. To optimize the worth of these desktop apps we choose to make them available with source code! Very beneficial for aspiring developers who are just starting in the business. Learn tips and tricks as these bespoke programs have been tested, proven and used by many firms!

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